About Us

Shining Star Doodles strives to create the healthiest, well-tempered and lowest shedding Doodles possible.  We use the best and healthiest parents in order to ensure the healthiest of pups.

All of our dogs are raised in our home and NOT in a kennel because we believe that proper socialization happens best in the same type of loving and caring environment that the pups will live in.  We understand that the first few weeks of life are critical times of development and use a combination of Puppy Culture and Avidog programs to socialize and train the pups in this precious window of development. We focus on creating resilient pups that believe learning is good.

Shining Star Doodles was started after experiencing the miraculous transforming love of our Goldendoodle Lexi with our 4-year-old daughter Anastasia.  Anastasia struggled with anxiety and selective-mutism and only began to speak in school after adding Lexi to our family.   Our goal in breeding has always been to share this same healing power with other families.

About Us1
Our daughter Anastasia not only overcame her fear of dogs with Lexi, but also had saw a massive improvement in her anxiety issues.

We are currently breeding Multigen Goldendoodles in both standard and mini size.   All of our breedings are carefully planned to match breeding dogs that complement each other in structure, temperament, health and coat traits.

We would love to share the love and joy that dogs have brought to our family with others.