Are Goldendoodle Good For those with Allergies?

 Allergies can be so individualistic so I always feel most comfortable discussing it with each person so we both fully understand all the factors involved.  People that are allergic to dander are usually fine with Goldendoodles – depending on the severity of the allergies.  If the allergy is more with saliva, that can be a bit harder since that type of allergy isn’t really impacted by shedding.  Since Goldendoodles are not a breed that drools, they can still be ok for those that are not highly allergic to saliva.

There are some people that are allergic specifically to proteins found within golden retrievers’ blood.  To do a complete allergy panel on allergies to dogs requires testing 5 different breeds of dogs because some people are allergic specifically to retrievers but not to other breeds like terriers for example.  If someone in your family has a Retriever specific allergy then I suggest staying away from goldendoodles altogether. Degree of shedding does not usually help with a Retriever allergy.

If shedding and dander are the most important aspect to you regarding allergies, then furnishings are the most important factor when choosing a puppy.  This page explains furnishings, coats, and shedding:

The other gene that contributes to shedding is the hair length gene.  Short haired dogs, such as Labs, are the highest shedding dogs since the growth cycle on each hair follicle is so short.  Short haired dogs are constantly shedding their fur and growing a new coat.  Since both Poodles and Golden Retrievers are long-haired dogs, the growth cycle on their fur is fairly long.  Keeping Goldendoodles fur at its maximum length is very high maintenance grooming wise,  so therefore most people groom and trim their dogs before the coat reaches the length where you would potentially experience shedding.

We have successfully placed many puppies into homes with allergies. If this is a concern for you and your family, we would love to discuss your personal situation and see if a Goldendoodle might be a good fit for you.