Let’s be honest, Goldendoodles are cute. And while the looks of the dog are the reason why many will choose a dog, as responsible Goldendoodle breeders, we put even more emphasis on great health and temperament. 

We ensure that all of our parent dogs go through structural, health, and temperament analysis. We then pair our dogs to achieve the best outcomes in all of these areas.   

We abide by the Goldendoodle breed standard and highest levels of health testing as outlined by the Goldendoodle Association of North America (GANA). You can take a look at the standard here



We also study our parent dogs’ lineage and have their DNA analyzed to ensure that all of our breeding pairs result in low Coefficient of Inbreeding (COI) percentages (below 5 percent). We value high genetic diversity in our pairings, as we understand that genetic diversity has a correlation to healthier outcomes. Measuring COI is important while breeding multigenerational lines.


We primarily breed multigenerational Goldendoodles so that we can achieve a good balance of Golden Retriever to Poodle while selecting for certain traits like looser wavy coats, and the genes correlated to no/low shedding. Breeding multigenerational lines also allows us to work towards standardizing the traits we like in temperament, coat, and structure.


The majority of our litters produce apricot, cream, as well as red and white puppies but on occasion, we have black and white as well as chocolate puppies. Markings include tuxedos, abstracts, or parties. We do breed these patterns and colors in all sizes – standard, medium, and Goldendoodle minis. You can see examples of different coat types, colors, and patterns here.


All of our parent dogs have had their breed verified by DNA testing through Embark. We also do DNA health panels to test for all breed-relevant diseases. Our parent dogs’ hips are also X-rayed and submitted for review to either the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) or Penn Hip. We also submit X-rays of elbows, as well as testing on patellas, hearts, and eyes to OFA. Our parent dogs must pass this testing to be included in our breeding program. We also submit all of their health tests to GANA for third-party accountability. Litters are all registered with GANA as well.