Our Story Old

I like to think that raising animals is in our families blood. My parents were the proud owners of an AKC grand champion West Highland White Terrier which became the basis of their breeding program. They produced a few champions from their lines.

My Parents prize Westies

When my husband and I started a family, we decided we wanted to raise our children alongside of furry siblings. We decided on the goldendoodle breed for its reputation as the perfect low to no shedding family dog. Lexi, was our first goldndoodle and has been the foundation of our breeding program. Her intuitive, sensitive, friendly and incredibly tolerant nature has been such an amazing presence in our family. Our children have faced various physical, mental and emotional challenges and we have witnessed the healing bond that an animal can bring. A few of Lexi’s pups have gone on to become therapy and service dogs. We are so grateful to this amazing dog and are very blessed to be able to share her offspring with others.


puppy famliy shot