Puppy Shopping List Old

We often have puppy buyers, as well as friends and family, ask about dog items that we love or recommend.  We have compiled this list of amazon links to help to make shopping for a new puppy easy!



Like most long-haired dogs, Goldendoodles require frequent brushing.  This brush is the one most often recommended by groomers and should last for the lifetime of your dog!

For the first few months of a puppies life, it is a good idea to keep them in a smaller area instead of roaming your whole house.  Prevention of behavior is quicker and easier than correction.  Puppy pens are flexible and easily movable and allow me to keep a close eye on puppies so that i can potty train as well as create positive habits while they are really young.  It is also a great way of keeping kids and pups in a harmonious realtionship together!!