Current and Upcoming Litters

All of our parent dogs go through structural, health, and temperament analysis.  We decide on who to pair based on what dogs we feel best compliment each other in those areas.  Our dogs are not simply chosen for looks.  They are carefully selected to achieve temperament, health and structure goals.  We abide by the goldendoodle breed standard outlined by the Goldendoodle Association of North America (GANA).  The standard is found here.

We also study our parent dogs’ lineage and have their DNA analyzed to ensure that all of our breeding pairs result in low Coefficient of Inbreeding (COI) percentages (below 5 percent).  We value high genetic diversity in our pairings, as we understand that genetic diversity has a correlation to healthier outcomes.  Measuring COI is important while breeding multigenerational lines.  

We primarily breed multigenerational Goldendoodles so that we can achieve a good balance of Golden Retriver to Poodle while selecting for certain traits like looser wavy coats, and the genes correlated to no/low shedding.  Breeding multigenerational lines allows us to work towards standardizing the traits we like. 

All of our parent dogs have had their breed verified by DNA testing.  We also do DNA health panels to test for all breed relevant diseases.   Our parent dogs’ hips are also, X-rayed and submitted for review to either  the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) or Penn Hip.   We also submit X-ray’s of elbows, as well as testing on patellas, heart and eyes to OFA.  Our parent dogs must pass this testing to be included in our breeding program.  We also submit all of their health testing to GANA for 3rd party accountability.  Litters are all registered with GANA as well. 

PENNY and ARCHIE – Mini/Medium Multigen Goldendoodles 


Penny is a 34 pound multigen English cream Goldendoodle. She is the daughter of one of our original Shining Star mamas, Lexi.  She is a well-rounded, middle of the road dog, that loves people and other dogs.  Archie is 28 pounds and a confident, fun, friendly, playful dog.  This litter will have loose wavy red coats with white chests and mature in the 30 – 40 pound range.  These pups should be great family dogs and also good therapy/service prospects.  This litter has been bred and is due mid April and will go home mid June.  This litter has been born. All spots are currently full.

Health testing – Embark DNA panels, Penn Hip on Penny (score .34 very good score), OFA hips on Archie – good, OFA elbows – normal on both, OFA patellas – normal on both, OFA cardiac – normal on both, OFA eyes – normal

LUNA and RANSOM – Mini Multigen Goldendoodles

luna mamaransom1

This litter is being bred specifically for therapy and emotional support dog prospects.  Families desiring a more mellow dog that can still go on walks and hikes would also be a good fit for this litter.  Both parents are super calm, lower to medium energy, friendly and human motivated.  Ransom is a certified therapy dog and Luna’s guardian hopes to complete her training once time allows.  Luna is 32 pounds and ransom is 26 pounds. We expect pups to be in the 25- 35 pound range full grown.  Pups will be red with some possible white markings.  The majority will have curly coats with some possible wavy coats as well.  Pups will be no to low shedding.  This litter is bred and due at the beginning of May.  Pregnancy is confirmed. As of now, the waitlist is full.  Ransom is on loan from our friends at Red Rock Goldendoodles.  

Health Testing – DNA Embark Panels, OFA hips (score of Good on both), OFA elbows – normal, OFA patellas – normal, OFA heart – normal, OFA eyes – normal

HONEY and BEAU – Medium/small Standard Multigen Goldendoodles

honey picIMG_2854

Honey is a 55 pound standard F1B goldendoodle.  She is the daughter of our original English Cream  Goldendoodle mama Lexi.  Honey has a wavy coat apricot coat with tuxedo markings.  She is very human focused, tolerant, and confident.  Beau is our 35 pound straight coated multigen stud.  He has produced some of our most mellow pups.  Many have gone on to do therapy and emotional support work.   He tends to throw red coats with white tuxedo markings.  The two will produce no to low shedding pups with apricot to deep red coats and white chest markings. We are predicting the pups to be in the 40 – 55 pound range full grown.  This litter has been born!  We have 8 females and 3 males with beautiful markings.   They will be ready to go home the weekend of July 1st – 3rd.  We do have some openings on their litter list. 

Health Testing – DNA embark panels, OFA hips – (score of Good for both parents), OFA elbows – normal, OFA patellas – normal, OFA heart – normal, OFA eyes – normal

OAKLEY and ARCHIE – Mini Multigen Goldendoodles

oakley picarchie

Oakley and Archie are both mini f1b Goldendoodles.  Oakley is 20 pounds and from English Cream (European golden Retriver lines).  She is very cuddly, human focused and lower energy.  She is happy to just cuddle on your lap all day.  Archie is 28 pounds and super confident, moderate energy, playful, friendly dog.  Their pups will have a variety of curl types (curly, wavy or loose wavy).  They should produce apricot and red puppies with white chest markings.  Pups are expected to mature in the 20 pound range full grown.  These should make great companion dogs that are small enough to go anywhere but not too small that you can’t take them hiking.  Pregnancy has confirmed on this litter.  The litter list is currently full.  Pups are due mid-May.

Health Testing – Embark DNA panels, OFA panels – (score of good on both), OFA elbows – normal, OFA patellas – normal, OFA patellas – normal, OFA heart – normal, OFA eyes – normal

To see the puppies from the current litters you can visit our facebook page

We will be breeding both mini and medium sized litters for late summer/fall.  If looking for that timeframe, feel free to reach out for our tentative plans.  We list upcoming litters once a female has gone into heat so that we can better know the timeframe of the litter.