What Is Ethical Dog Breeding??

The Dog breeding world is a crazy place full of confusing information, scammers, and liars.  We have heard the most heartbreaking stories of people being scammed or buying puppies from breeders that have provided them with false information.  While it is true that you can sometimes take every precaution out there to prevent issues only to still have them arise, we do everything we can to raise as healthy of pups as possible and provide the customer with truthful information

To us, ethical dog breeding means:

Health testing all breeding stock with all recommended testing for the breed. In this case that would include all recommended testing for both Poodles and Golden Retrievers

Breed for a specific purpose and goals and base all breeding prospects and pairings against those goals.

Evaluate all breeding dogs in health, temperament, and confirmation. Pair the dogs that best compliment each other in those areas.

Treat all breeding dogs as valuable family members worthy of love, respect, and honor.  Provide excellent nutrition and care to them.  

Value each puppy brought into this world as a precious individual and provide the best environment, socialization and training that we can for them while we have them. 

Help match the right puppy to the right lifestyles and home so that dog and humans thrive together. 

Help prepare customers and puppies for the transition to their new lives together

Microchip all puppies and have them secondarily registered to us so that we can be notified if they ever end up in a shelter

Provide lifetime of customer support including taking a puppy back at any point in its life

Sell ​​puppies with a health guarantee and spay/neuter contracts so we can prevent unethical breeding.

Raise puppies on advanced curriculum that best prepares them to be confident and resilient dogs.

Continue educating ourselves on best industry practices and work for the betterment of our breed.