Guardian Home Program Old

Goldie with her guardian family

At Shining Star Doodles we have a number of foundational commitments related to all of our breeding dogs. 

We make sure that every dog within our program is:

  • A valued family member and pet first.
  • Given lots of individualized attention, love, and training.
  • Kept in homes and not kennels

In order to fulfill these commitments, we partner with outstanding families that are willing to work with us and our dogs – these are our guardian home families, and we are honored to partner with these guardians as a crucial part of the Shining Star Doodles family. 

How does the Guardian Home Program Work?

  • Approved families or individuals receive our Pick of the Litter puppy for free. Sometimes we also have adult trained dogs that we place in families as well. 
  • Shining Star Doodles maintains breeding rights on the dog or puppy for up to 4 litters for females or for up to 7 years for males. These terms can vary depending on the age and circumstances of the dog. 
  • Shining Star Doodles is responsible for any costs related to breeding. Guardian Families will pay for the normal costs of owning a dog (except for the brief periods when Shining Star Doodles is looking after the dog during the birth until the weaning of a litter of puppies).
  • Monetary compensation is given to our guardian families for each litter produced with their dog, this helps offset the day-to-day costs of caring for a dog.
  • Once the contract is fulfilled, dogs will be spayed or neutered and full ownership is signed over to the guardian family.

If you wish to be considered for our guardian home program, you must fulfill the following”

  • Families must live in the 2- hour vicinity of Colorado Springs and or Denver area.
  • Have a fenced in yard (certain exceptions are made)
  • Have no other intact dogs of the opposite sex in the home
  • Be willing to learn about and deal with a heat cycle in a female.
  • Be willing to possibly transport the dog to the reproductive vet in Colorado springs or Denver (whichever is closer)
  • Experience with dogs is preferred

If interested in this program, please fill out the application below and we will be in contact with more info!