Recommended Products Old

Many people ask me what products I recommend for new puppy owners. Below is an introductory list, the first is from Pawtree, which sells food, toys and related product and the second list is all linked to products you can purchase from Amazon. Many of these products can also be found at your local supermarket or pet store. 

2. OUT! GO HERE – Attractant Spray – While you will need to clean up little accidents, it is also important that you set places where your pup will go to the potty. I have found this OUT spray to help in the process.

3. Midwest Homes Puppy Exercise Pen  – I recommend keeping a puppy confined to help establish potty training and prevent negative behaviors.  You can slowly increase the space you allow them in once you establish good habits.  

4. Chris Christensen slicker brush  – the best grooming brush around.  It can get down to the undercoat and skin but is still gentle.  



5.  Chris  Christensen  de-matting  spray  

6.  Burts  Bees  Puppy  Shampoo–  great  gentle  shampoo

7. Snuggle Puppy – soothing plush toy that has a heartbeat noise to soothe puppies during crate and sleep time. 

8. Puppy Pet carrier – great for socializing puppies while not exposing them to diseases and parasites before they are fully vaccinated.  

9. Dremel Nail Grinder – easy way to trim puppy nails 

10. 36 inch Pet Crate  


11. Slopper Stopper – dripless water bowl.  Great for stopping puppies playing in water bowls 
12. Slow Feeder – great for slowing down fast eaters.  Also good for entertaining and providing mental stimulation 

13. Kong puppy toy

14. Door Potty Training Bells – for training dogs to ring when they need to go out 

15. Zymox ear solution – awesome for ear infections or irritations

16. Hide-a-squirrel Toy – fun hide and seek toy for puppies 

17. Kong Tug Toy – great for kids interacting with puppies while they are teething 



18. RabbitGoo No Pull Harness– As your puppy gets older you will need to get some training to avoid pulling during the walk. We have found this harness to be a helpful aid in that process.


19. Blue-9 No Pull Harness – Works well on smaller dogs

20. Diggin Your Dog Firm Up Pumpkin – If you change your dog food, or your dog eats too many rich foods, sooner or later you will encounter a problem, none of us enjoys cleaning up – diarrhea. I used to use canned pumpkin to mix in with the kibble, but always found that the pumpkin would stain the fur around their mouth. Firm Up is a great solution that avoids those challenges, that you simply mix in with the kibble and it really does settle down a dog’s digestion. 

21. AFreschi Turkey Tendon for Dogs, Premium All-Natural, Hypoallergenic, Long-Lasting Dog Chew Treat

So many dog treats (especially rawhide products) include dangerous toxins. I was looking for a more digestible treat that does not cause diarrhea (most of the chews I have used cause diarrhea). I’ve been very happy with this product as in crate training the puppies love the product and it is very gentle on their digestions. 

22. Happy Hoodie –  Drying Doodles coats after washing is essential to prevent matting.  This product helps protects their ears from the noise and hot air from the dryer and helps make grooming less scary! 

 23. Pet Blowdryer- Since doodle coats need frequent grooming, some people decide to save money and learn to groom at home.  A good pet blow dryer is a lifesaver.  It dries them so much faster and makes the process so much less laborious.  


24. Puppy Teething Ring – Puppies love to chew.  These offer a safe chew alternative.